Welcome to Beautiful Weddings


In one short breaking instance, your life changed.  You are engaged! Excited…Overwhelmed…Terrified!  From the moment he proposed, your mind just won’t stop thinking about the wedding that is about to happen… You call your Mom, you bug your best friend to go online and check out the latest trends in wedding, you call churches, hotels, florists and just about any supplier that comes to your euphoric mind. Okay, the first two tasks were easy, but where do you start with the rest?


Planning a wedding can be fun but it is a lot of work.  That’s where we come in.  Beautiful Weddings will help you every step of the way from the moment you got engaged up to the moment you are whisked away to your honeymoon suite.  We believe that the engagement period should be a creative journey full of eager expectations.  A guidance of an experienced planner will not only allow you to throw a fantastic wedding, but actually let you enjoy the process of getting there. 


We’ll be your closest confidante ensuring that every minute detail is woven in carefully to create a day so unique, it will be infinitely more vivid than your dreams.


The most beautiful day of your life deserves impeccable attention. 


Welcome to Beautiful Weddings!