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Ann has planned a variety of unique and stylish occasions particularly weddings for friends, colleagues and acquaintances for years before the inception of Beautiful Weddings. It occurred to her that she would love a career in Wedding Planning after she attended a wedding of an officemate that was a little bit disorganized. Being a people person as she has backgrounds in high level PR Management, She felt she could utilize her skills and creativity to create seamless and stunning weddings. Ann, after spending several years working in the Cruise Ship industry and traveling the world, decided it was time to put her creativity, inter-personal and organizational skills to full-time use. 

She then trained to become a Wedding Consultant. In 2008, she started Wedding Planning in Australia where she was based at that time and organized Destination Weddings to the Philippines. She knew for a fact that her heart belongs to her country so she went back to Manila in 2009 and decided to stay for good. Late 2009, she established Beautiful Weddings Bridal Consultancy and Wedding Planners which offers a cutting-edge approach to wedding planning and coordination. In addition to wealth of experience in events and fashion, Ann has undergone rigorous training and achieved an advance certificate in Wedding Planning, Design & Management. 

Ann's strong reputation for being very kind, warm and friendly makes her the wedding planner of choice. She has the ability to stay calm thru situations and her ability to listen, respect and understand her clients far more than any other wedding planner that you will ever meet is something that makes her one of a kind. Her keen attention to detail, sense of responsibility, amazing enthusiasm and happy demeanor all contributes to her productivity so she gets the job done with great results. She underwent training with reputable institutions like the Philippine Association of Wedding Planners, Wedding Planners Association of Australia and Association of Bridal Consultants. Ann delivers high quality service to her clients to create wonderful and memorable celebrations. She holds a Bachelor's degree in BSC Management from San Sebastian College and AGSM MBA from the UNSW Australian School of Business. She continues to learn, travel and bring all the best and freshest wedding ideas from all over the world to her beloved Philippines.

My Inspirations



Inspirations and Favorite things


Hi there!   I love my job in a humongous way and since we are going to be working together for a considerable amount of time, I think there are some things you should know about me:


  • I’m crazy about paper and I think stationeries are one of life’s greatest luxuries.
  • I Love to travel. It’s my fuel for passion! Have traveled the 6 continents!  Hello Antarctica weddings…I’m waiting !!!!
  • I LOVE getting to know my clients! I count many of them among my dearest friends.
  • I love coffee in a gorgeous, colorful, shabby-chic mug!
  • The emails we exchange will be full of exclamations, smiley faces and tons of enthusiasm, so be ready for that.
  • I am the only child, but I sure am not a brat! Thanks to my grounded parents.
  • I love martinis… well cuz everybody started drinking my first love, cosmopolitan!
  • My bloom of choice is the Stephanotis! Looks like a star with its 5 petals.  And yes, my favorite number is 5!
  • When it gets to be too stressful, I play World of Warcraft all day! It’s my detox for stress!
  • Top 3 Cities --- Paris, Sydney and Manila =) (runners up – San Francisco and Tokyo)
  • I Love the rain! I look at it as a huge blessing!  Favorite season is Springtime!
  • I adore the Bahay Kubo and all its elements.
  • One of my guilty pleasures are collecting books and notebooks from all over the world ---- the unique ones!
  • My favorite wedding detail is --- the first kiss of course!  How its done, the angling, the timing, the look on the couple’s face, how the priest says “you may kiss the bride”, and the applause!
  • Best Quote – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” -- Eleanor Roosevelt
  • And last but not least, I am genuinely excited to work with you, so shoot me an email and lets talk about your wedding!