We are more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have.  No question is ever too small or too silly!  In an effort to get you your answers as quickly as possible we've put together a list of answers to questions we get asked fairly often!



When you start wedding planning, a planner is either the first you hire or, if you’re planning your wedding on a budget, the first to go.  The choice is yours.  But when you think about it, are you really saving money if you let the planner go?  Wedding Planners offer the peace of mind that all details will come together.  A good wedding planner has relationships with vendors that will often allow him/her to negotiate deals you wouldn’t be able to get on your own.  The savings that he/she will extend to you might be or could be greater than her fee and you being stress free is truly priceless.  So think again. Hiring a wedding planner could be a smart alternative to trying to do it all by yourself. After all, you should be enjoying your engagement .



Media has glamourized wedding planning to where people assume wedding planners fuss about flower arrangements, hang fake jewels at varying heights, impose a 5-tier wedding cake or con helpless brides into overspending, all while wearing gorgeous designer outfits.  Beautiful Weddings is nothing like that. 

What does Beautiful Weddings really do?

What you pay for is the convenience of having someone else worry and keep track of the wedding details for you.  All the pretty stuff is just a bonus.

We keep the peace and make sure you base your decisions on their own merit and not because a friend or a family member influenced (or harassed you..eeps!) you to arrive with such a heavy-heart decision.  We don’t take sides and offer our opinion based on experience and the highest level of quality you sure deserve.

Sometimes, when you plan, you tend to tunnel vision and get zeroed in on tiny minute details and not see forest for trees.  You have been worried so much about the cake topper, you forgot to order the cake! Since this is our job, we care for you and will think rationally 100% of the time.

Your guests should be able to fully immerse themselves in your wedding. We might shed a tear, or two or twenty cuz of your touching bridal march or father-daughter dance but we are there to make sure that the musicians play the most wonderful harmony when you walk down the aisle and is playing the right song at the right place at the right time.  You don’t have to worry about us having fun -  trust us, we are!

We have this heartfelt wish that couples should enjoy their wedding day.  It’s much harder to do when million people are running up to you with mini catastrophes when all you want is to soak in the moment of the big life change you just made, and bask in the happy.  It is our job to make sure you have as much happy memories as humanly possible.

This is a horrible fact in the wedding industry, but some nasty vendors out there give crappy service because they don’t think they need to impress you.  You are likely to get married only once, then they don’t have to deal with you again.  However, they DO want to impress us, because we can recommend them to a host of potential new clients, if they don’t, the alternative is telling all our planner friends and doing our best to make sure they never get another wedding (so mean? Heehee, just protecting our clients).  Unlike some rating sites, the planning community doesn’t take bribes to remove bad service feedback.

Caterer forgot to wrap leftover food, We do it.  Low-lying fog is not too low, that’s on us.  Doves needs to be picked up from the reception venue, we got it! Table cloth have some strange stains, we take a picture so you can get a refund, then we chalk and hairspray the crap out of them and make them purrty again. We are here to make sure there’s no detours on your way to wedded bliss. 

Whether it’s Aphrodite, Athena or Artemis, we immerse you in a one-of-a-kind (OOAK) wedding experience that only Beautiful Weddings can provide.  We believe that the journey is as important as the destination so we make sure you enjoy the rainbow before you reach the pot of gold!

Our Wedding Planners have more than 5 years experience and hundreds of weddings under their belt.  They have trained in the country and abroad and have mingled with the world bringing the most awesome experience to our clients.


Our Wedding Coordinators qualification is seriously serious.  They come from reputable schools and has a third language requirement (apart from English and Filipino, they should know 1 more).  They have day jobs as pilots, accountants, nurses, teachers etc.  Variety is the spice of life! and the nurses are so handy esp on-the-day of the wedding for a fainting Best Man!  They refresh training with the Principal Wedding Planner every month and have team building every quarter.  We also conduct “brainstorming sessions” in our office with the team and my-oh-my, the space is beaming with creativity and unique ideas we’re dying to share with you!  The most energetic and happy bunch is here to serve with all smiles on the day of your wedding =)

Just when you thought you have asked everything... Here's more FAQ!

It is advised to book as early as you can. We wouldn't charge you extra if you book way ahead of your wedding. That is perfectly fine with us. We do one Wedding per day to provide the highest level of service to our clients. It's best to book early as we get plenty of inquiries and bookings on a daily basis. Drop us a call or email us to check our availability.

Absolutely! The Weddings in our portfolio range from traditional to modern, incorporating unique elements that are elegant, romantic and fun. We have worked with every type of budget and we enjoy coordinating intimate weddings with only the bride, the groom and the officiant as much as we enjoy a not-so-intimate wedding with 1500 guests.  If you're in love and getting hitched, then we are more than delighted to help you create and orchestrate the most beautiful day of your life.

Yay! First of the right decisions as a couple. All you have to do is read and sign the contract and settle the down payment. Due to the demand for our services, we can't hold the date without both items. After that, you can relax and smile knowing that your event will be taken care of and is in good hands.

Yes we love to travel. However we charge a little amount for that and it's good to reserve your date early so we can fix our schedule.