The Planners


Beautiful Weddings is a family. We love sharing life’s biggest moments and everyday adventures through our work.

While you cherish your Beautiful Day, Beautiful Weddings will take care of the biggest to the smallest details of your wedding. We will act as the central brain for all portions of your big day! We will fit the pieces together according to your preference and keep timelines for your very special occasion. 

Our passion is to help you create the Ultimate Dream Wedding you deserve. It is also our pride to be of service to you in every way we can with a smile all the time and energy that is radiating from our happy persona (yes, we are cheerful here! Grumpy peeps don't get fired; they're not hired in the first place!) Our gold medal is knowing that you had a wonderful time at your wedding and enjoyed every moment of it. 

There is a huge difference between a professionally coordinated wedding and a day left up to chance. Hiring the Planners and Coordinators of Beautiful Weddings is one good decision you will never regret. Nothing compares to knowing that our clients are satisfied and very happy with what we did for them. That all our promises were fulfilled and we were able to deliver. Making the clients happy and very happy is our commitment.


We are crazy about details. It is our mission to make your fondest wedding dreams come true and we take pride in walking you through our process step by step until your vision becomes a reality.

We just can’t wait to work with you!







“You are not  a company, you are human beings!”


 --- Paul Sahota, Groom